The Stained Glass Window Restoration and Dedication

Page 10 Gouverneur Tribune Press, Friday, August 5, 2016


First Presbyterian Church Holds Dedication by Sandy Wyman


On Sunday, July 17, the First Presbyterian Church in Gouverneur held a dedication to mark the end of restorations of the beautiful stained glass windows adorning the walls of this house of worship with honoring families with a remembrance ceremony.


The Nonprofit Historic Restorations Foundation of Martville, N.Y., did the restoration work under the direction of Ed Dehors who has been in the restoration of stained glass for the past 40 years.


Restoration of two of the windows were dedicated with the first being from the Hay Family on August 7, 2011 and the second was dedicated by Bruce and Elizabeth Gleason for Elder Harvey L and Dorothy F. Gleason on February 9, 2014.


The Rev. Dr. Richard Mayforth in celebration upcoming for the dedication of restored windows within his message elaborated on the meaning of honoring loved ones. "Without a doubt, the concept of honor is the single most important principle we know of for building healthy relationships.


It's important for a husband and wife to begin applying it toward each other and children to apply it toward their parents and for parents to apply it toward their children. The results of allowing honor to reign can be dramatic and life changing.


When we honor particular people we are saying in effect that who they are and what they say carries great weight with us. They are extremely valuable in our eyes."


The upcoming dedication of these four windows with a bronze plaque installed on the bottom sill of each including the following:

"In loving memory of Clyde M. Bame and Ruth A. Bame by Dorothy Best." Clyde (1888-1936) and Ruth (1893-1977) Bame: Mr. Bame graduated from Cornell University majoring in agriculture and was a teacher in the same field at Gouverneur High School. He left teaching to run an appliance shop here in the village. An accomplished yachtsman, Mr. Bame passed away at the age of 48 leaving his wife and five daughters. Mrs. Bame was a graduate of Wells College majoring in biology. She was a homemaker having six daughters, one of whom passed on at two years of age due to pneumonia. Mrs. Bame was the first woman in Gouverneur to get a driver's license and joined the First Presbyterian Church in 1910 at the age of 17.

"In loving memory of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Whalen by their children Richard, Diane, Michael and Judy," along with "In loving memory of Mrs. Nellie Whalen by the Whalen Family." Mrs. Nellie Monroe Whalen (1908-1989): Nellie Whalen was the wife of John Whalen (1897-1945) who worked at Gouverneur Talc and passed away from black lung disease. Living in Little York (Fowler), she took in washing and ironing to help support herself and four children. Mrs. Whalen later on worked in the meat department of the A&P Grocery Store here in Gouverneur.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Whalen: Herbert (1926- 1998) entered the Navy in an effort to help his parents financially and was stationed at Pearl Harbor during the attack by Japan on December 7. 1941. After the Navy, he went to work for Rouse Construction here in Gouverneur where he eventually advanced to the position of vice president. Virginia (1925-2013) Whalen was valedictorian at Gouverneur High School and attended Cornell University, majoring in economics. She remained a loyal Presbyterian even though she married a Catholic. Mrs. Whalen was a homemaker raising four children, two girls and two boys, Michael is a retired minister and lives in St. Augustine, Florida, Richard retired after 30 plus years in the construction business and resides in St. Lucie, Florida. Diane retired from General Electric as head of the OSHA Safety Department and lives in Kansas. Judy retired from a nursing career and lives in Gouverneur.

"In loving memory of Hannah J. Mosher by her grandson James Mosher."

Hannah Jones Mosher (1886-1964) was of Welsh descent from Richville, New York and taught seventh grade science at Gouverneur Junior High School. Mrs. Mosher was very involved in the First Presbyterian Church being the superintendent of the Sunday School class as well as teaching Sunday School. She took part in raising her grandson, James Mosher.


A coffee and social hour followed the dedication ceremony.



 Other window dedications read:


In grateful appreciation to the

Hay Family

Their generous gifts made possible

the restoration of this window.

Dedicated August 7, 2011


The restoration of this window

is given in loving memory of

Elder Harvey L. Gleason and Dorothy F. Gleason

by Bruce H. & Elizabeth K. Gleason

the 9th day of February 2014